Lighting Design Philosophy

Recessed task lighting

Hidden recessed lighting discretely shows off the beautiful backsplash and cabinetry. Layers of light offer plenty of owner control to adjust lighting levels according to the time of day.

“Sculpting with Light”

Every project provides unique lighting challenges and opportunities. As a designer, I approach every project with this in mind to provide you with a responsive custom lighting plan.

The default approach to lighting that I most often see is a grid of downlights lighting the floor, overly bright with little or no owner control. The effect is that of a furniture warehouse with everything evenly lit. My goal as a lighting designer is to highlight unique architectural features, materials, ceiling heights, furniture layouts, custom cabinetry, art and sculpture to create focal points and drama.

Layers of Light

My goal is to give owners the ability, through layers of lighting, to create different moods or “scenes” according to activities and time of day. I use a range of fixture types, depending on the application, for uplighting, downlighting, task lighting, accent lighting (such as wall grazing, cabinet lighting, art, cove, and/or backlighting), and decorative lighting. Light fixture groupings are separated with owner control of dimming and brightness in mind.


My goal is for people to notice what was lit rather than how it was lit.

  • Recessed linear LED fixtures, cove lighting, cabinet and undercabinet lighting will be hidden from view.
  • Cove and undercabinet lighting will have diffusers to avoid visible “dots” from LED tape.
  • Recessed downlights will typically have only a 2 or 4 inch aperture and trim color to match the ceiling. (No shiny “specular” cones creating a hot spot of glare on the ceiling or black baffles contrasting with a white ceiling.)
  • Art lighting will be adjusted with internal controls instead of a gimbal whenever possible.
  • Downlights will have recessed light sources to avoid glare.
  • Lighting will align with recessed speakers, ceiling and vent fans for an elegant, uncluttered ceiling grid.
  • Wall washes will be achieved with a smooth gradient of light rather than “hot spots” and scallops on the wall.