landscape lighting exterior lighting

In-grade fixtures provide uplighting to show off the entry brick wall.

Can you do landscape lighting?
Yes, I am experienced in all aspects of architectural lighting design, including landscape lighting.

How often will I have to change the bulbs?
You will never have to change a bulb again when it comes to your architectural lighting! I rely on LED fixtures with lifespans of 50- 60,000 hours. Given that your lights will typically be on no more than 8 hours a day at 50% brightness, that translates to about 25 or 30 years of life. Furthermore, LED fixtures utilize light-emitting diodes; there are no bulbs to replace. I can even specify LED bulbs for your decorative lighting, which will last many times longer than incandescent bulbs.

How do you decide which fixtures to specify?
I work from a Master Light Fixture Schedule I have created of trusted fixtures and working samples. Fixtures are selected based on quality of engineering and testing, cut sheets, technical support, proven reliability, pricing, and available features and options such as louvers and lenses. I also stay abreast of innovations in the rapidly evolving LED lighting marketplace.

I can’t find retail pricing for architectural lighting. How do you know what these fixtures will cost?
I work closely with my manufacturing reps and local electrical supply houses to stay abreast of contractor pricing for the fixtures I specify. I will not work with manufacturers or supply houses that refuse to give me pricing information. My cost estimates have proven to be reliably accurate. Furthermore, I will request line item pricing on the quote, which I will review for errors in both specifications and pricing to make sure you are paying no more than necessary.

Are LED fixtures really worth the extra cost?
Absolutely! You will pay more up front but, over the life of your fixtures, the cost of integrated LED lighting is a small fraction of the cost of incandescent lighting. Also, you will use less energy for the fixture itself as well as the air conditioning, as there is very little heat gain from LED.

How will you make sure I have enough light?
Lighting design is both an art and a science. I will “do the math” to make sure you have the recommended amount of footcandles (brightness or light intensity) for every application. I also err on the side of more brightness than needed, since every fixture circuit will have a dimmer.

I’m not using an interior designer. Can you help me select decorative lighting and ceiling fans?
Yes. I often assist clients with decorative lighting and ceiling fan selections, and can guide you to trusted local and online resources and manufacturers to get you started. I will help you understand what you need to look for as you shop in terms of technical specifications and review your selections with you at your convenience. Once you’ve made your selections, I can provide you with trade pricing (typically a 10% discount), obtain a purchase order, and follow up as needed with customer support.

Do you make a profit from what you specify?
No, in my opinion that to be a conflict of interest. Being an independent lighting designer not affiliated with a retail outlet, I’m able to offer you the best fixture available on the market. My only motivation is in helping you obtain the best lighting at the lowest cost for your project. I will provide specifications and quotes at trade pricing but do not purchase or supply any fixtures.